Case Study: CEDC

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Project Description

Cabrillo Economic Development Corp front

Cabrillo Economic Development Corp

CEDC’s mission is to provide affordable homes, both rental and ownership, with an emphasis on resident ownership and control:

  • To develop effective community organizations
  • To develop community facilities that serve the low-income community
  • To implement other economic development activities that benefit the low-income community
  • To advocate in the field for community economic development

Window Products Management (WPM) has specified and installed thousands of window treatments in a number of CEDC projects with the objective of delivering quality, safety, and architecturally appealing products for the lowest possible cost. Some of the products that WPM has designed and installed include vertical commercial blinds, engineered faux-wood 2” horizontal blinds, and cordless cellular shades.

Cabrillo Economic Development Corp side
Paseto Santa Clara APARTMENTS

Project Characteristics

  • High Quality Affordable Window
  • Child Safety Considerations
  • Architecturally Uniform Designs

Products Featured