Window Film

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Window Products Management (WPM) offers a variety of window solar films that address sun control, safety, and architectural enhancements.  Window film can reduce UV penetration, solar heat gain, and glare by altering the absorptive and reflective properties of the glass it is applied to.

Smart Film

Liquid Crystal “Switchable” Film is an exciting technology that allows us to make glass alternately clear or opaque; it can also be used to project images on, like a projection screen. Liquid Crystal Film, often times referred to as Smart Film, is visibly altered by an electric current that changes the state of the liquid crystals embedded in the film. The film can be laminated between two pieces of glass for a new construction or added as an after market improvement to existing glass. The film is electrified using standard 110V building current and can be controlled with standalone switches or integrated into an intelligent building system.

Solar Control & Daylighting

Solar Control Films offer a variety of solar optical properties depending on what a design objective might be. Spectrally selective coatings and tints can be combined to reduce glare or solar heat gain or a combination of both. WPM will discuss your project in detail and how you would like the fenestration to perform, considering visible light transmittance for daylighting, glare control, and solar heat gain coefficients for heat reduction.  Other important details include reviewing material samples in conjunction with the desired interior colors (i.e. furniture, paint, and accessories) because solar window film can alter the quality and color of the visible light; thus altering the colors of items inside the room.

Specialty Films

Safety Film makes glass safer by rendering it shatterproof and Graffiti Film protects glass from being etched into by vandals as graffiti film is applied to the exterior side of the glass.

Decorative Window Film

Using decorative or frosted window film offers cosmetic benefits, covers undesirable views, and provides privacy. While there are a wide variety of decorative films designed specifically to beautify or enhance the glass from a design standpoint, these products can also be used to provide privacy for the building’s occupants, as well as blocking the view of unsightly items like rooftops, telephone poles, mechanical equipment, etc.

Ultra Violet Wavelength Control

Glass, just by the virtue of being glass, naturally blocks most all UVB rays, but does little to control UVA rays unless treated with coatings or laminates. There are clear window films designed to reduce the UVA rays that untreated glass does not block.

Services Specific to Window Film:

  • Research the project and recommend the appropriate window film manufacturer
  • Meet with the design team to select the appropriate film
  • Provide samples for the design team to show their client
  • Provide cost estimates to complete the installation
  • Write detailed Division 12 specifications based on the final window film selection
  • Provide the performance information (i.e. SHGC and other fenestration data) to engineers sizing HVAC or lighting systems